Goodbye Nina!

Yesterday, I spent the day with the Marlow clan for the last time! We all met up at Mayfair mall and set out in search of graduation outfits. We looked all over and, of course, eventually decided on the first one she tried on. We then ate at the Cheesecake Factory! That was my first time there- I ordered the grilled chicken and avocado club and Toblerone cheesecake. Mr. Marlow had fun teaching me some Spanish at dinner :o) After dinner, we made another quick (?) stop at Brookfield Mall, then headed out for church.

What a fun day that was! I cannot believe that three years of friendship has flown by and now we have to say goodbye. I will miss Nina’s kindness, continual encouragement, musical talent, and “arpeggio laugh.” Nina, I love you and am praying for you as you start a new season of life. “He knoweth the way that I take…”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jules
    May 04, 2006 @ 15:33:00

    that’s such a sweet post! i will miss her so much too! i’m glad u were able to make it to milwaukee, steph! VERY cute pictures šŸ™‚


  2. Amy
    May 05, 2006 @ 16:30:00

    Aww, I am glad that you were able to have some fun. I am gonna miss Nina too. I was so upset that I had to miss MBBC graduation today. You are gonna be here for summer school right? I am glad that Nina will, but I am not looking forward to May 26, the dreaded day when Nina goes home and leaves us =( How sad.


  3. Stephanie
    May 06, 2006 @ 12:26:00

    HEEHEE!! Mi brother just thought that the title of this post was Goodbye NINJA!!


  4. Nina
    May 08, 2006 @ 11:44:00

    Awww, that is a really cute post, Dave, I really like it. I know, I’m really sad that I’m going to be leaving. It’s bitter sweet because I know that I’m going to miss you all very much, but I’m glad to be done. I’m so thankful to the Lord for the wonderful friends that He gave me during my time at school, and I will miss the continual blessed fellowship. I am glad that you were able to come shopping with us. It truly made the day more special. =)


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