“Sixteen Candles…”

Yesterday was my favorite sister’s sixteenth birthday! She has evidently been reminding the entire church of this fact, so Pastor made a fun little announcement in church that embarrassed her. We had a special meal that Kelsea requested which included marinated chicken, pasta salad and fresh fruit. Her cake was Mom’s classic homemade angelfood with buttercream frosting. Grandma made it over and even matched the birthday girl and the cake. Kelsea opened presents after all the eating was done and Ryan and I had a great time tackling her and administering the needed 16 birthday spankings. Happy birthday, Klesh! I love you!

Grandma came over and visited with me for about an hour on Saturday and I wanted to include a picture of my grandma as a testimony to God’s continual sanctification in our lives. Even when we grow old, God still points out areas in our lives that need to change and gives us the strength to change them. Grandma has had a difficult winter, but God’s grace has been more than sufficient to help her grow and change to be more like Him. I’m so grateful that His work on us is never complete here on this earth. Our prayers for others will be answered, and my prayers for Grandma Grace have been answered yes.

We can learn so much from our grandparents. What are some of your favorite memories with you grandparents? What are some of your beloved lessons you learned from them?


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  1. Stephanie
    May 09, 2006 @ 12:09:00

    I’ll start! I’ve learned from my Grandpa that no matter how bad it gets, there is no reason to complain. He got polio that paralized his right arm in his mid 40’s. When I knew him, he was losing his mobility and still had a very active mind. He could have been an inventor! He sat in his chair and told us to do the things he wanted to and never complained


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