A Day at Seminary

That’s right. I attended historical theology and Marriage and Family at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on Tuesday, May 16. I learned something neww from both classes. Historical Theology was more of a guy thing…or maybe it was only because I didn’t read the books so I didn’t know what was being discussed.

The first half of HT discussed some of Karl Barth’s theology and the second, more interesting half tore apart James Cone’s black liberation theology. In essence, Cone said that Christ came to save the oppressed. That is a solid premise, but as Cone expounded, he left out the concept of spiritual oppression and focused mainly on physical and material oppression. His writing sounded very angry at any oppressors (aka whites or “honkies” as we are referred to in the book) and that anger affected the way he interpreted scripture.

Marriage and Family was very interesting to me. I don’t know if that is because I tend to think more relationally or simply because it was practical. This particular class discussed expectations one can bring into marriage and how those expectations play out. It then went into dealing with prior baggage, forgiveness, and communication.

One aspect of the class I appreciated was that the professor always brought marriage back to this premise: marriage should be an instrument to further the gospel. Is that the reason many of us Christians want to marry? To serve Christ and glorify him better than you could as a single person? That thought definitely caused me to take the institution of marriage from a more eternal and serious perspective.

A trip to Starbucks sealed a very interesting afternoon and night, and that was Tuesday, folks.


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  1. Amy
    May 28, 2006 @ 21:06:00

    Gotta love that Starbucks!!! Remember when you, Jen, Jessica, and I all went. That was my first time ever. It was great. Those are some of the best memories, and I still plan on getting that tattoo of the Starbucks logo. Just thought you should know that.


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