How to Confront Nonverbally

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to co-teach the ladies’ Sunday school class concerning confrontation. I was absent from the prior week’s class, but they had a lot of questions and not many answers on the topic. The discussions they did have tied in perfectly with my recent devotional studies (see “Resident Evil,” and “You’ve Been Called…”) so I talked to my pastor’s wife about it and had the chance to share that with the ladies.

During the class, someone posed the question, “In what ways can you confront someone nonverbally?” A lady responded with this remark, “well, you can affirm what they are saying by nodding your head then when they say something ‘not cool’ you can stop affirming.” My thoughts on that whole question were that confrontation IS verbal, therefore you are not confronting someone if you are not using words. You may be the Holy Spirit’s agent of conviction through your example, but that’s about it.

I kept on reading and thought I’d share this interesting quote with you:
“The middle way of love is not about being nice or benignly tolerant of those we see doing wrong. Love is active! God wants us to be his agents of rescue when we see another’s sin. He calls us to judge our neighbor fairly and to rebuke each other in a way that is frank and clear.” (War of Words, p. 168)

So how do you confront nonverbally? You don’t. To me, the idea of “nonverbal confrontation” is just being benignly tolerant of sin and plain old selfish. Think outside yourself and reach out to someone who is struggling not because of a specific sin but because of the overall condition of sin. We must fight sin since we are not in bondage to it.


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