Half Empty or Half Full?

Once there was a man who spent much of his time complaining. There was always something Charles was charged up about and he would use any opportunity to complain and rant to coworkers. Sometimes, if Charles hadn’t complained, his coworkers would inevitably come up and ask “so, what’s wrong this time?”

After hearing a sermon in church on Psalm103, the Spirit convicted him of his perspective and he made a decision to change that and meditate on God’s goodness and mercy. He chose an unsaved coworker and decided to share something God did for him every day for 30 days. Every day Charles asked his coworker, “can I share something with you that God has done for me lately?” The coworker thought Charles was strange, but he just let him talk. After a while, he would wait a little while before sharing his blessings. By the end of the 30 days, the coworker would come up to Charles and ask, “Alright, what has God done for you this time?”

Shouldn’t that be our perspective and the savor that sets our lives apart from the pessimism of the world? I know that is something that needs to change in my life. Too often I nitpick over small things but don’t rejoice over much of anything.

How soon can I change that so that people ask me “so, what has your God done for you this time?”


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