Burritos, Blunders, and Bible

On Saturday evening, a group of girls from school traveled over to Waukesha to hear Nancy Leigh DeMoss speak (for free!!) We got there bright and early to save seats, then Joleen took us down the road to find someplace for dinner. We traveled through the Waukesha ghetto until we fuond Qdoba and stopped there. I love Qdoba, although it is expensive!

That covers the burritos aspect of the title, now for the blunder part: Joleen waited to eat her burrito until we arrived at the arena again, so I waited out there and talked with her whilest she ate. During this time, an elderly lady walked up the steps, tripped on the sidewalk, and plunged headlong into the ground. For my devoted familial readers: I did not laugh at this fall…document this! The poor woman hit her head pretty hard and as she lay there holding her head, we realized she was dripping blood on the ground! Not only that, but her shoes and her glasses fell off. I felt terrible for her, but the praise is that we had several nurses in our group and the woman was well attended.

After all this flurry of activity, we did hear what Nancy Leigh DeMoss taught us on. She spoke from Exodus 33, providing a convicting “message,” on our personal walk with the Lord. In this passage, Moses spends time with the Lord in the tent of meeting outside the Israelite camp. The elements of the passage that convicted me were that Moses had a set time and place to meet God daily. So often, a set time and place are manageable, but a set and quiet heart to worship and know God are not.

The other point that impacted me was that Moses example led the people to worship Christ. I have seen my parents faithfully spend time with their God and that has greatly affected my life. I hope that in the future seasons of life God gives me, there will be little people that are pointed toward Christ through my example of daily devotions.


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  1. jules
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 23:19:00

    very cute pictures…
    and i’m glad to hear how that session went!


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