Rainy Days

The past several days have been brimming with rain. Sometimes rain can be pesky, but I have savored this rain. The air has felt warm, the soft and constant rain has left me with a refreshing chill, the grass sparkles a brilliant green, and there is a hushed excitment about rushing around in the wetness.

It is a rain with promise. You can almost see the sun supervising behind the clouds, promising to reappear when the earth is nourished. It is the stereotypical rain that makes me want to sit by a fire place with my favorite handknit afghan and a cup of hot chocolate/coffee to begin reading Jane Eyre (which I just bought, Kels!)

There are so many nostalgic traditions involved with the perfect rainy day. I have a few more of my own that I would like to share, but first I want to hear from you. What are some of your favorite rainy day traditions?


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  1. Kelsea
    Sep 12, 2006 @ 16:55:00

    Rain, coffee, and Jane Eyre is the most perfect combination. ever. The rain can be substituted for snow too. WAY TO GO ON BUILDING YOUR CLASSICAL LIBRARY STEPHI-WEPHI!


  2. Jodi
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 07:19:00

    Though sitting by a fire once sounded cozy, I must admit that it sounds quite unbearable now! I am a bit jealous of the new addition to your library…I want that book, I love it!

    Now for the rainy day traditons; I used to sit on our front porch with my dad just watching the rain and enjoying the sound of it’s splattering on the roof and ground around us…but here, in Guam, when the rainy season is upon us (which it is now), rain is most anything but pleasant. I do however, enjoy the green earth that is left behind after a short but all to frequent deluge here on my tropical island!


  3. Daisy
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 10:16:00

    Anyone have a rainy day meal?


  4. Liz
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 14:53:00

    Best book ever steph! I wrote a 14 page paper on it! It’s my favorite and when your done, I’ll let you watch the movie
    Rainy Day Tradition:
    Sitting in my car overlooking water and listening to either the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack or Nora Jones…


  5. Kelsea
    Sep 16, 2006 @ 00:36:00

    I actually have a story now!
    I got home from work at midnight tonight and it was raining. I jumped out of the car, ran inside, rethought the situation, and ran back outside! I spent 5-10 min. dancing around in puddles like I was 5 again! It was so fun!


  6. Sarah
    Sep 16, 2006 @ 12:45:00

    For some reason, I usually eat Ramen noodles on rainy days. (I know you college students are probably sick of r. noodles–they were my main late night staple–but I appreciate them now, 5 years later. šŸ™‚ Pretty much any soup is good for rainy days though, as well as a cup of hot chocolate.
    And if I get a chance, I curl up with my favorite blanket and watch “You’ve Got Mail” or “Return to Me”.
    In my younger years, I would put on old clothes, go out in the rain, and splash around. Not so much anymore….:-)
    I LOVE rainy days!!!


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