State Street and Symphonies

This weekend was quite a bit different than I had anticipated…and in only good ways. I planned to stay on campus and work on computer-based homework all weekend.

Friday came around and I changed plans a couple of times and ended up witnessing on State Street for the second time all semester. It was such a blessing. I was able to share the gospel with one man completely through and he saw his need for salvation. Pray for Allen. I shared the gospel with him, he saw his need and said that was something he needed to do. I prayed for him, but he wanted to pray for his salvation on his own. So remember this soul in your prayers today.

Saturday, I worked hard for most of the day, then joined my brother at the Milwaukee Symphony. (I have a Daisy Classic about that, believe it or not :o) It was a beautiful symphony called “Kaleidescope,” featuring solo violinist Hilary Hahn. Check out what was on the program here.

Britten’s violin concerto was amazing. Hahn implemented some incredible violin techniques including duets with a piccolo (that mean she was playing really high) and a tuba. Overall, the whole symphony was amazing. I thought I’d fall asleep, but I was riveted the entire time. I doubt my brother could comiserate, however :o)


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