Great and Mighty Are His Ways!

Though I have had to say goodbye to many dear friends this past week, the Lord has brought to mind how great and mighty He has truly been this semester:

He has:

-arranged my courses so I finished this December (I doubted that would happen!)

-Given me a floor to have fun with and really bond with

-Allowed me to compile an electronic portfolio (my dream!)

-Given me a strong portfolio review (all 3’s–the highest score)

-Arranged my student teaching to coincide with my summer job!

-Allowed me one more memorable semester at Delavan

-Safety during every trip there!

-Cleared my schedule in order to attend one last youth retreat at AGBC in Kansas!

-Gave me one semester with Ryan. This strengthened our relationship and allowed me to see some answers to prayers from last year.

-Strengthened my friendships with my dearest friends (my iron!)

-Provided a cell phone, car, and a place to live rent-free during student teaching!!

-Taught me through allowing me to teach junior church again :o) Man I miss those kids!

-Provided a job or two at the beginning of the semester

-Revived my heart through His word and His Spirit’s prompting.

-Taught me throught RA meeting with Miss Westphall–believe it or not, those were so encouraging and useful!

-Allowed me so many ministry opportunities in so many lives. I had no idea about some of those opportunities until the end of the semester.

The Lord is so good. I stand amazed in the presence of God’s overwhelming display of sovereignty! May I always


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jules
    Dec 19, 2006 @ 20:24:43

    those are great memories. it is always encouraging to go back and take time to reflect on all the things God has changed in our lives for the better, provided when we thought it was hopeless, and challenged us with even when we wanted to give up. HE alone deserves so much glory even from the seemingly little things…
    thanks for sharing! i love you and already know i miss you!


  2. amygirl03
    Dec 27, 2006 @ 20:39:47

    i’ll really miss you steph. one of my favorite “firsts” was with you. remember that good ol trip to starbucks and the lake??? that was so fun, except for the fact that i had a sprained thumb. that wasn’t fun, but the rest of it was. thanks for sharing that with me. keep in touch???


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