Freshening up a bit

Seeing as how I am ready for a different season, I decided that I was tired of seeing snowy trees on my blog. Especially since my winter has not been all that riddled with snow.

Hope you appreciate this little change of pace and are looking onward to greener pastures (no pun inten…okay, sort of)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Liz
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 15:27:21

    I love your new background! I’m tired of the snow too, and of the cold. I’m anxious for summer so I can start my ministry at Northland being a teen counselor. The Lord has been so wonderful to me in allowing so many opportunities to work for Him. Your middle-schoolers sound like so much fun! How are the retired couple doing? Hope you have a great day today and maybe I’ll talk to you soon! Luvs.


  2. amygirl03
    Feb 18, 2007 @ 06:10:38

    i don’t like all this snow. it just won’t stop. miss ya steph.


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