A Modest Responsibility


An issue which has long burdened my heart is one of modesty. What really makes a man stumble? How much is honestly my responsibility?

To be frank with you, I tend to struggle taking all responsibility, thinking that any time a man stumbled in his thought life, women were responsible. More than that, I felt that I was personally responsible. I thought, “Oh no! I brought him to this mall where all these hoochy-mama women are.” or “oh man, I told him I wanted to watch this on TV and now look at the commercials I’m making him watch!”

I have thought this through and discussed it with both men and women and have come to a sobering realization: I have to do my part to protect my brother from immoral thoughts about me, but he must take responsibility to ultimately protect his mental input/output. If he is putting garbage into his mind, immoral thoughts will come much quicker despite the level of precaution a woman dresses with.

Check out this interesting survey from Brett and Alex Harris about modesty. It is very enlightening at some points. I especially appreciated the “open questions” section.

So, my brothers in Christ, how can women best serve you in the areas of modesty?


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  1. jules
    Mar 01, 2007 @ 22:23:00

    i found all that very interesting… and i want to go back and look through it some more when things aren’t so busy! thanks.


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