The Student Teacher Diaries

While student teaching, I am required to keep a daily journal. This journal often becomes a script of amusement, frustration, and ponderings about this placement experience. I thought I’d give you a peek into today’s journal entry:

“February 27, 2007

            After setting aside time to pray and worship Christ yesterday, I noticed a difference in my actions today. It is neat to see how much of teaching relates back to your view of Christ. If He is very small to you, then you will be the ultimate end of your teaching—students will not please you and you will, more often than not, leave school tired and frustrated at what they were supposed to do and didn’t. You are essentially living to please yourself…an insatiable beast of appetites.

            When my view of Christ is properly aligned, I see where my students need to go and how I can help them. I pray for creative lessons, and even when I feel as though my lessons are inadequate, the Lord provokes good conversation and interaction with the students. I also get far less frustrated because I see God’s sovereignty in every situation much quicker. If something didn’t go as planned, it’s OKAY because if I have prepared, then God has wanted it this way, so I can rejoice that He really knows what is best not just for me, but for portraying His glory to the students. Wow! What an awesome goal!

            After reading through my Middle School Teaching Methods book, I introduced a method of positive reinforcement for the 6th graders. If they earn it, they will be able to have PAT (preferred activity time) on Friday. The class made a list of preferred activities and we will choose one to look forward to. Some of the favorites included game stations (Mad Gab, Cranium, Scattergories, etc) and gym time. In order to earn PAT, students must work on talking when called on (not just chattering away…as usual) and following directions. I hope this gives them incentive to work hard and earn some fun time. I’d really like to have fun on my last Friday here.

            Another exciting event: middle school award trip to a ski resort!! Mr. Markowski (school principal) asked me to be a girls’ chaperone along with Stephanie Janigo (first year teacher across the hall), so we are both pumped! The students who have not gotten referrals or tardies get to go to Telemark  Ski Resort for the entire day and ski, tube, swim, play games, etc! Lunch is provided and I’m bringing my camera :o)”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jodi
    Feb 28, 2007 @ 10:59:13

    Wow…I can totally relate! If I am focused on God, I have a much better day no matter how my kids are acting in class. I am often amazed at how He chooses to work through me, in spite of all of my flaws.

    I like the PAT idea…I do something similar to that. Only I use it as a competition between the classes…actually I just started recently, so we will see how well it works.

    I am excited that you get to go skiing…but I wish I were going. Tropical islands have their perks, but snow is not one of them…I miss winter activities. Have fun!!!

    Praying for you…have a good rest of your week!


  2. Daisy
    Mar 01, 2007 @ 16:38:37

    Thanks for the sweet note, Jodila and thanks for the well-wishes for the rest of the week. I have a SNOW DAY today as there is a blizzard coming through. I wish I could post pics because it is really beautiful! I miss you! thanks for the call on Saturday :o)


  3. jules
    Mar 01, 2007 @ 22:27:42

    insightful and encouraging, stephanie! i know i need to pray more for my kindergarteners in my field work.
    i can’t believe it’s your last week there already! how the time flies… you’re going to have a lot of fun on friday!!! i can’t wait to hear all about it.
    keep warm in all this snow – craziness huh?! love you 🙂


  4. Ski Bum
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 01:57:53

    That’s awesome, I support any sort of program that gets kids out on the ski slopes! I enjoy reading your updates, thanks!


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