The End or the Beginning?


 Commencement: while the name indicates the idea of “the beginning,” Commencement celebrates the completion of education. I look back over my college career thankful. I never  thought I would have finished, but I see God’s hand of protection upon me in so many different ways.

 Had I met “Mr. Right” right away, I would not have pursued my degree in elementary education. I entered college looking for that relationship and as the Lord removed various relationships from my life, I saw His prodding me on to my real goal, not my desires…yet.

Had my Gracious Father not provided encouraging spiritual friends, I would not have returned to Maranatha.

Had I not experienced the hurt of betrayal, I would never have sought God’s purpose in the local church and an extension church that would sooth those wounds and rebuild my understanding of ministry.

Had my Jehovah not provided me with jobs each summer (and loans) I would not have had the opportunity to finance college.

 Had God not shown Himself sufficient, I would not have had the courage for the responsibilities He gave me.

 Had God not been my all in all, I would never have the opportunity to write about His grace in this portion of my journey. Praise the Lord for His evident leading. During the journey, closed or opened doors did not make sense to me, but now I see His purpose (and goodness) a little more clearly.


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