Disorientation Part Deux

The following night…

Yes, I’d already heard people in my dorm ask about that noisy “PING!” during the prior night’s service…

I was once again taking attendance at the conference and had my friend save me a seat. The problem is, there were more than 1,000 people sitting in folding chairs and many of them were of germanic/scandinavian descent. So, looking for a blonde head toward the front of the left section of seats became instantly difficult. I tediously counted the 4 rows from the front, spotted an “old couple” she was allegedly sitting by, confidently strode down the aisle toward “my” row, (tripping on the rubber runner once), and began smiling and pardoning myself through the row to get to the seat which was about 12 people in.

I stepped on feet, smacked into people, turned to apologize, smacking someone else…gave up…and just kept barging through. All of a sudden, a hand reached through from the row behind me and grabbed my sleeve. I started and looked up to see my friend and 4 giggling girls…BEHIND ME!! I looked around in wonder and embarrassment, heaved a sigh, and shimmied back to the end of the row while eliciting comments like “You did NOT just walk down the wrong row, did you?” andDaisy, what in the WORLD are you doing??” 

I wish I knew!


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