The college I am on staff at hosts a conference mid-semester which I was taking attendance at. I had been working right up until the conference, and in hoped of not smelling like an onion bagel, I packed my Bible cover with perfume, gum, and lipstick, and smoothed myself over while running from point A to point B. Once I found a seat and got situated, we were asked to stand during scripture reading and prayer time. I clutched my open Bible, stood and proceeded to turn to the scripture passage. 

All of a sudden, my metal lipstick container slipped out of my Bible cover before clattering with a noisy “PIIING!!!” onto the metal chair in front of me…during a moment of pious silence, of course. I let out a silent giggle which prompted an accidental snot rocket while EVERYONE in the row in front of me turned around to hiss “are you okay?” “where did it go?”, and “did you find it????” 

I could care less. 

But little did I know that while I was smiling graciously and telling them I’d find it later, that precarious snot rocket was actually DANGLING somewhere between my nose and my collarbone, where it gracefully landed in everyone’s plain sight. That explains the sympathetic looks. 

Of course I “found it.” Or should I say, “it” found me.


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