I am getting old. My beautiful little sister is graduating in a few short weeks! Where has the time gone?

(the sisters on a ski trip in December ’07)

It’s interesting to compare the two of us. We are easily associated as sisters by some of our mannerisms and facial expressions. We frequently hear “you two look so much alike,” or “I could tell right away that you were sisters.”

Those who know us well, however, know how very different we are. In general, Klesh is a hot-then-cold type of personality. She is an intrinsically motivated person who works very hard and shows us all up, then needs quiet time reading or watching TV. She is very passionate and does everything with “flair,” especially evidenced in her great sense of style! She tends toward the melancholy side at times and is at her best in the afternoons and evening (ahem…NOT mornings…ever.) Oh, and did I mention that she makes stellar coffee?

I, on the other hand, am motivated primarily by outside factors. I want to be around people, talk to them, and spend time with them, sometimes to a fault. During the summer, when everyone starts trickling home from work, I’m known for following one person around like a puppy just so that I can be near someone. I definitely do not have the passionate nature of my little sis, as I generally maintain a fairly sanguine disposition. I do not do well in the mornings either-we both agree that no one needs to carry on intelligent conversation upon waking each day! Oh…and did I mention that I likewise make stellar coffee?

So, while we are both very different, we are sisters who can celebrate God’s uniqueness! Happy graduation, Klesh! You are amazing!


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  1. Kelsea
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 17:08:10

    Thank you so much Steph! You have pretty clear insight…of course, you have had to live with me for the last eighteen years! I love you, and thank God that He made us so perfectly different!


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