Happy, Plastic People

The Lord has used church to dramatically alter my view of ministry. I desire that the church body work effectively toward the cause of Christ both due to and in spite of the situations He has allowed me to be a part of.

I was confronted today with an odd question in regards to my approach to full-time ministry: “aren’t you going too in-depth with the people you work with? I mean, sometimes, if people know you [counsel…insert ministry here] they are going to start coming to you simply to gain attention.”

A good question indeed-where is the balance for a spiritual leader to be loving and attentive without coddling a person? Can a leader be too involved in lives? I don’t fully have the answers for these questions-feel free to comment with any thoughts and ideas you have here.

My thoughts tend back to a few principles though, first being Christ’s example. In Christ’s life on earth, He spent time asking the questions and getting involved in people’s lives. He made time to impact the woman at the well by asking questions-and He asked some terrific questions! Even when He was tired and worn out and the people He ministered to ran ahead of Him to His quiet place, He took time to give them what they needed.

Basically spiritual leadership is love. Enforcement will be one very necessary end of the stick, but people will follow and respond to the prodding of those they love. That means being transparent with them about your struggles (and God’s grace through them) so they will respond without pretense to you. That means more than putting yourself down-it means forgetting yourself in light of the needs of another. That means asking the tough questions because you care.

So am I too involved? Am I approaching my God-given ministry incorrectly? Not according to Christ’s example. He is sufficient motivation to seek redemptive relationships.


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