As I work with college-aged students, I have a growing pet peeve. After reading an article by John Piper and listening to a stimulating interview, I got even more excited over this frustration. Without trying to repeat Piper, I do wonder-when the demographic for sexual maturity is dropping to 10-11 for boys and 8-9 for girls, why do we have people in their mid twenties to early thirties who lack direction in life? Where has the ball been dropped?

Of course, the primary responsibility for raising boys to be husbands and fathers (not just men) and girls to be wives and mothers (not just women) lies with the family. But lets be realistic. How many children in today’s public school system, or any school system for that matter, live with both of their biological parents? Who do those young people have to train them and love them? Piper does a great job of pointing this responsibility back to the church. The body of Christ can carry the responsibility to train young people for what seems to be the default position in adulthood in the New Testament-marriage.

What strikes me most about this is the beautiful picture of the local church. As the body of Christ, we truly are a family. When biological families disintigrate, we have a bond in Christ which cannot be taken away. We have a family which will never leave us! With right comes responsibility, however. Now we have to take action to step in and be that family, taking initiative to pursue people’s souls and invest in that of eternal value.

I can see the beauty of the big picture. Now, Lord, grant me the insight to take action!


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