Yahweh Roi

Sometimes God’s sovereign timing is so evident, you just want to savor the details. I’m writing this post simply for this purpose. I need “bethels” in my life when I can look back and remember what God has done, praising Him for it.

Today has been a packed day. I am drained, which will likely be reflected in my grammar skills in this post…please be gracious. I had leadership training all day, break for dinner and a whirlwind grocery-shopping trip with a carload of girls, then I began to lead leadership meetings that evening.

God was so incredible in giving me clarity of thought and communication as I taught and applied truths, that I was very grateful. In answering my prayers, God provided me with solid organization, a clean apartment, the help I needed to get it there…and a genuinely sweet and loving spirit toward my girls.

Then, I knew I’d be taking a phone call at 10, so I’d plugged that into my schedule. The call ended up being postponed and no more than a handful of minutes after that, I received a call from security asking if a new student could move into my dorm early! Her family came to drop her off and, due to a large convention in the area, could not find a motel room withint 200 miles!

What is so encouraging about this day is how God has changed me and allowed me avenues to minister! The Lord is working in me diligence which is not my own. My compassion for my leadership was much more real this year than last and my spirit was far more at ease. These characteristics gave my girls confidence to follow me. Last year, I struggled throughout the year with inviting people to come with me for a trip to Walmart or the grocery store. It was, after all, good to have some alone time, I reasoned. When my first desire today was to meet my girls’ needs and see if those would include a Walmart run, I noticed God’s love, not mine.

As my schedule was playing out like I planned, I was feeling pretty safe. With my job, phone calls can be difficult if not impossible (ask my mom) . That my schedule was staying free right around 10 was a blessing. I got the message to postpone the call and normally I would have been disappointed. Instead, I said to the Lord “I don’t know Your reasoning for rearranging my schedule, but I know you are perfect and have a purpose. I can’t wait to see what it is!” Not even 5 minutes after this conversation with the Lord, I got the call from security.

Wow! I had the chance to have a solid one-to-one meeting with a new student instead of meeting her tomorrow morning during the influx. Not only that, but I’d just purchased an alarm clock at Walmart tonight and the student’s mother made a passing comment about sleeping at a rest stop and hoping they woke up in time. I darted back into my apartment, initialized the alarm clock, then ran back out to give it to here. She was so blessed by having a need met!

I woke this morning praying for the Lord to use me and for me to lay aside idols. I think that this day, He has helped me walk in evident obedience, despite my sin.


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