As I review some of my previous blog posts, I see a glimpse of more of the Lord’s leading which I could not have seen earlier. I have been so refreshed in the Lord and built up by how He is leading and changing me. I’ve been learning what deep joy and lasting hope look, feel, and act like. That the Lord is sanctifying me amazes me!

Tonight, however, my God built onto that encouragement exhortation. Through our Bible study in Acts 4, He showed me how anemic my evangelistic ministry has been and is working a burden in my heart to care for lost souls more than I do. He is provoking me to have a passion and purpose in all of life.

God knew that I needed to first be encouraged by His work in me before I would grasp this current need in my heart. Having hope is no accident! God is rebuilding my view of hope not so that I keep it to myself, but so that I share it with others! Am I so nearsighted that I really don’t see the spiritual need of my cashier in Walmart? What if I made it a practice to witness to the cashier at each store I purchased from? Would I be so nearsighted that I would think twice about how much I really wanted to shop?

Though the answers to the above questions are painfully embarrassing, it builds on another lesson I’ve been learning. God answers prayer! I’ve been convicted that I am also anemic in my prayer life, so as I’ve been learning to fast and pray, I’ve seen the Lord do brilliant works in my life and the lives of others I’ve been praying for. This prayer principle refreshes me and encourages me to pray that the Lord will change me into a woman burdened for lost souls. Obviously if He can change people I’ve been praying for, He can change me! He truly is Yahweh Maccaddeshcem-the God who sanctifies (Ex 31:13)!


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