I have begun to implement the spiritual discipline of fasting into my life this fall. As I study about it and practice it, I have been as richly blessed as those I’ve interceded for! Indulge me in the privilege of sharing an enlightening quote from an article entitled “Fasting for the Purpose of Godliness.”

“Fasting can be an expression of finding your greatest pleasure and enjoyment in life from God. That’s the case when disciplining yourself to fast means that you love God more than food, that seeking Him is more important to you than eating. This honors God and is a means of worshiping Him as God. It means that your stomach isn’t your god as it is with some (see Phil 3:19) Instead it is God’s servant, and fasting proves it because you’re willing to sublimate its desires to those of the Spirit…Just remember that your fast is a privilege, not an obligation. It is the acceptance of a divine invitation to experience His grace in a special way…may we yearn for days when God will cause us to crave the spiritual banquet of worship more than any smorgasbord.”

Welcome to the growing cry of my heart! Hunger pangs have begun to prompt God-centered thoughts. The idol of food/stomach grows less as I desire the spiritual banquet of worship more! If you do not currently schedule fasting into your week, not only are you disregarding one of Christ’s commands in the New Testament, but you are missing a sweet opportunity for tremendous growth.

Reconsider the value of self-denial!


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  1. Daisy
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 10:01:04

    FYI: for any readers who’d like to unite their hearts with me in prayer and fasting, I devote Monday lunches to this discipline. I’m working on scheduling one more lunch per week-too many things to pray about for just one meal! Any takers?


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