Don’t Miss Out!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to shower in complete darkness, do enlighten yourself at least once in your life! Sometimes the most creative opportunities are forced on you…by those who blow fuses through out the entire dorm…then come knocking on your door to inform you of the obvious as you hop out of your darkened shower and run to answer the door in a sopping mess. Who would trade the extraordinary for the mundane? Everyone needs to be a dorm sup for this key reason.

Addendum: the excitement of the morning surely could not end there, could it? Heavens no. While checking rooms with my RA, the preventative maintenance technician came to tell me he would be testing the dorm’s fire alarms. I relayed this to my RA and we continued with our business. After about 5 minutes, however, we both forgot about this forewarning. As we entered a room, intent on the cluttered dressers, the fire alarms sounded, causing both of us to react in catatonic convulsions, mine dropping me into a puddle on the floor, and Alyssa’s causing her to hop around the room and giggle as she worked off her nerves.

These events could not have happened to two more excitable people in the entire dorm.


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  1. jules
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 01:36:53

    that had me laughing! i can totally picture it all! and yes, i’ve been “blessed” to be a part of the showering in the dark crowd on more than one occasion too! (but usually b/c my roommates/friends thought it would be funny to turn the light off when they knew i was in there!) good times, can’t forget the college memories!!


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