Dinner with Daisy

The Cleaver family, we are not, but if you were to record a dinner at the Daisy household, it would be just as entertaining as a TV show.

First, indulge me in a brief psychoanalytical synopsis of each family member:

Dad: the phlegmatic; an attentive listener and observer; adept at finding the right “buttons” to push…

Mom: the choleric; very task-oriented and industrious, somewhat hard of hearing, easy to startle and amuse

Daisy: the sanguine/phlegmatic; attentive listener, easily amused and excitable

Ed: The phlegmatice/choleric; very methodical, reserved, can be quite animated at times.

Klesh: The choleric; passionate and task-oriented; quite animated and loud

Summer dinners generally begin with me starting/making dinner while welcoming home Ed, Klesh, and Mom. Once Mom arrives, the bustle begins. Usually, Mom comes in, begins inspecting my work, unloading groceries, talking, etc. For some reason, as soon as she starts work, I stop. I sit on the counter and begin talking with her. Sometimes this is a bad idea…

Right before dinner, Mom runs all over the kitchen, giving last minute tasks to those standing around “EEEEDDDDDDD, POUR THE MELK!” “STEEEEEEPHH, SET THE TABLE!”

Then comes the awaited announcement: “WASH UP!!” My family communicates loudly, especially at dinner. Who needs intercoms when you have diaphragms?

We all sit down, pray, then begin passing food. As we converse, I love to observe a fascinating dynamic. Generally, Mom starts talking and Dad will sporadically mimic her mannerisms, which gets her even more riled up about what she is talking about. We all start laughing as he looks at us kids like he’s amused with himself, then continues to tease. I don’t know why, but she never catches on and teases back! I will say that, even though she would not admit it, Mom does play into the teasing-she has her own little flair for the dramatic. I think she kind of thrives on it!

At the same time, Kelsea will generally start teasing Ryan, provoking a little bit of harmless poking/punching. Ryan will likely begin egging Kelsea on until there is a similar dynamic between Kelsea and Ryan as between Mom and Dad. In the midst of all this, I generally tease or “stir the pot,” then sit there and laugh at how everyone is interacting.

After dinner, Mom starts the dishes while admonishing us to “CLEAR THE TABLE!” As we begin crowding into our kitchen, Dad usually begins hugging Mom until she can’t work. “Sttoooooo-oooooooop,” she whines. Dad turns around, giggles to us, then does it again. This cycle repeats itself until Mom threatens to make Dad do the dishes. Then he stops… Ryan, Kelsea and I usually begin smacking, karate-chopping, and punching each other all within the confines of the kitchen until Kelsea and Ryan end up chasing each other throughout the house, laughing at each other. I usually poke at Ryan a little until Kelsea gets involved. Then I let her take over!

How I love my family and miss our entertaining family dinners! Even when we are all drained and cranky from long work days, I miss spending the time with them. God is so good to gift me with loving family. I deserve far less.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jules
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 18:02:16

    daisy, i loved reading that! i totally know what you are saying about a certain way that family dinners go! sad to say it has been YEARS since it’s been just “the rabes” – but it is fun with the addition to our family and we have a hilarious dynamic when we’re all together too! (although i don’t know if i could describe it – especially in writing – as well as you did your’s!) HILARIOUS šŸ™‚ love you!


  2. Kelsea
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 22:27:51

    Heheehee! So true!


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