When Does a Good thing Become Bad?

JA004584While in a class today, I stared at my Sobe bottle and thought-“Hey, that’s a pretty cool design!” Then I thought about people who take that thought too far…

Here is a pet peeve of mine: Why do people consider it home decor to display glass bottles with NO intrinsic value (ahem, Jones Soda Bottles, Arizona Tea bottles, Sobe bottles, etc.)? I mean, really. They were mass-produced and then purchased at gas stations and grocery stores. It’s not like they are a precious heirloom collection of 19th century colored glass whiskey bottles or Depression-era Milk Glass. Beyond historical value, there is very little stylistic design to the shape of most mass produced bottles. They all look alike. Every time I see this stylistic device (er…vice), I think “Hmm…they must either be a high school student, someone who has poor decorating sense, or a sentimental packrat.”(disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with keeping things because of the sentiments you associate with those objects. You don’t need to display each of those things though!)

Beware of poor home interior sense. Saving glass bottles should be for one earth-friendly purpose:



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