God When I Am _______

I feel like I could write a pretty accurate country song. Recently, my computer crashed, my car broke down, I went to the hospital, and…I’m single. Not even a dog.

But God says that He does not withold good from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11-12; Romans 8:31-32). He’s custom designing hard times to make me reflect Him more. So, to be honest, I’m struggling with my heart as the list grows. But you know what? I’m learning that, practically speaking, if God isn’t God when I don’t feel good, then what do I have to live for? I really do have a new song to sing!

    Shall I take from Your hand the blessings,

    Yet not welcome any pain?

    Shall I thank You for days of sunshine,

    Yet grumble in days of rain?

    Shall I love You in times of plenty,

    Then leave You in days of drought?

    Shall I trust when I reap a harvest,

    But when winter wind blow, then doubt?


    Oh, let Your will be done in me

    In Your love I will abide,

    I long for nothing else as long,

    As You are glorified.


    Are You good only when I prosper

    And true only when I’m filled?

    Are You King only when I’m carefree?

    And God only when I’m well?

    You are good when I’m poor and needy

    You are true when I’m parched and dry

    You still reign in the deepest valley

    You’re still God in the darkest night.

“As Long as You are Glorified”


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jules
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 17:21:49

    great reminder. i loved that post stephanie!


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