A Scoop of Boy Trouts or a Troop of Boy Scouts?

Lately I’ve been taking note…and trying not to correct word mispronunciations I’ve been hearing more frequently.

“Well, if you wear that, it makes you look a little more volumptuous than normal.”

Volumptuous, I mean Voluptuous means full of, or characterized by indulgence

“That was an exorbiant amount of food!”

Exorbiant…ahem…Exorbitant means more than customary or proper

“And he ran after her, chunking snowballs at her the whole time.”

If we are going to use slang terms, shouldn’t we use the correct ones? Like chucking?

And I shook my head in wonder when I heard a pastor from the pulpit proclaim…

“Let angels prostate fall!”


Addendum: While a professor was asking me about a student, he accidently asked me how her “wealth and hell-being” was…I jolted at his slip up (I think my eyebrows shot straight up off of my forehead!!) and tried with ALL of my might not to laugh. Sometimes my cover up attempts aren’t much better…I mean, who wants to talk with someone who has a goofy smirk on her face  for no apparent reason?


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