Acting on Presumptions

Today my supervisor opened our weekly meeting with a brief challenge from Psalm 16 (which provided me with the title for this blog, as it were.) While she was talking, I listened attentively but did not take out my Bible. I assumed that by the time that I turned to this familiar passage, she’d be finished and I’d have just made a racket. As I listened, though, I noticed a few of my coworkers had turned to the passage, and I entertained the fleeting thought of “maybe I should have my Bible open…”

My supervisor continued with this thought: “Look at these words: path, presence, pleasures. And in verse nine we see ‘glad’ ‘rejoiceth’ and ‘hope.’ Where are these things found?”

As she asked this, she looked up from her Bible directly at me, and I responded promptly with a wide-eyed: “Psalm 16…?”

Whew. Points for me. I knew that passage like the back of my hand, so she couldn’t nail me for not having my Bible opened.

“WHAT?!” She whooped. Her face turned crimson as she alternatively wheezed and giggled at my foible and my traitorous coworkers joined in.

Wait a minute…

“Oh! I mean God. They are found in GOD!!” Oh rats.

If there is one thing you need to know about my comrades and I, it’s that we love to laugh. Once something makes us laugh, we toss it about, distorting it and expanding it until it disturbs helpless citizens. This time, I’d naively presented myself as a willing sacrifice for the needed laughter ritual.

Let’s just say that my intercessory “I have a sinus infection! Cut me a break!” did not calm anyone down, including myself.


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