Death on my doorstep?

That is a pretty dramatic title just to tell you that I’ve been silent for a little bit because I’ve been sick. Not just sick, but REALLY sick. Like, I’ve never gotten this sick before.

I got a sinus infection somewhere around mid-December and was down with a fever for 24 hours. Around New Year’s Day it decided to pay me a longer visit and I was out of commission for 2.5 days. Last week it came back and it dropped me for 7 days. Evidently, though, my body didn’t appreciate the meds I was prescribed and so, on top of the sinus infection/fever stuff, my GI tract rebelled against any form of food…for 5 days (my 7 day sickness does include this). It wasn’t incredibly fun to be that weak from not retaining food, but, hey, it was a good little diet stimulus! I dropped 4 pounds in 5 days!

Now I am back in full force, thankfully! For those of you who have been going through “Path-withdrawal,” I’m back and hope to crank out a few posts soon. Thanks for sticking with me!


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  1. jules
    Feb 07, 2009 @ 11:36:24

    YAY! glad you’re doing better, steph! i feel so bad you were sick so long:( love you lots!!


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