The Things They Say (cont.)

While discussing guilt and salvation, I asked my small group if they’d ever felt guilty for something they did, even if they never would have been caught. My redhead from the previous post, looked at me with wide eyes while listening to the others, then, as if under compulsion, slowly slid her hand into the air.

“One time I accidentally flooded the bathroom…” and upon completing that statement, there was an uncomfortable moment of silence, then a deluge (pardon the pun) of questions from the other 3 girls.

Later, as we discussed prayer, I asked for personal requests. As I listened calmly to the usual ‘pray for so-and-so as they travel,’ requests, my little redhead looked at me stoically and offered, “Pray for my grandparents to stay safe.”

“Why wouldn’t they be safe?” I asked

“Well, sometimes they get into mischief .” She stated matter-of-factly. Once again, an uncomfortable moment of silence, then the questions…and again, stifling laughter can truly be physically painful!


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  1. jules
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 22:55:18

    šŸ™‚ that’s great!!


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