The Things They Say

42-17541017Last night we played a night game with our fourth through sixth graders in which our leader gets abducted and we need to search for “money” to buy him back. While looking for money, the kidnapper, “Agent Max,” could tag you. If he does, your group has to give him one of your packets of “money.”

On our way over to the search site, one of my girls tugged on my sleeve and asked “Miss Daisy, what is Agent Max going to do with all of that money??” I look down at possibly the shortest fourth-grader I’ve ever met and responded with a wide-eyed “I really don’t know!”

With confidence, she clutched my hand and resolved, “Well, if he scares the Strawberries (our group) I’m not going to give him the scare money until he promises to give it to the orphans in Zambia!”

Sometimes stifling a laugh can be physically painful. I raised my eyebrows, and just nodded my head, squeezed her hand and said “Okay, then. Sounds like a plan.”


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  1. Jules
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 15:35:24

    hahaa! that’s awesome:)
    that’s like one of my kiddos the other day at work. she said that her, her mom, and sisters were all getting on a plane to go on a vacation. i asked her where she’d be going on vacation and she paused, put her finger up to her mouth and then looked up in the sky and pointed “that way.” hahaa:) adorable. i LOVE kids and their thinking! wish life was that simple for us always! 😉 love you daisy!


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