If I Were a Dorm Supervisor

I would be scared to death. If I were a dorm supervisor, I would wish someone would have told me what it was really like. What they did, how they felt, how they dealt.

Allow me to share. Over the course of time, I plan to chronicle my time here as a residence supervisor to eighty-three girls. It is a unique ministry, in fact, no ministry can quite compare to the gamut of opportunities I get in this one. Read on.

PP-LSH0007~Mother-Hen-PostersAugust 27, 2009

“My Sweet Savior,

All of my leadership team is back on campus safely and I’m overjoyed! As I sat together with them all last night, my heart squeezed with pride. I’m so proud of them and their walks with You! As I looked at each face, I could recall a number of struggles they’d been through, hard decisions made, etc. in which they look more like You now than they did before the trial. I feel like this, my third year, is my first year of fully being the dorm sup. I’ve got established connections with each girl and I can’t wait for one-on-one time with them again!

I did begin to lose composure at one point while talking because I realized that next year at this time I didn’t know who they’d be with. Yahweh Jireh, as You’ve provided in so many miraculous ways, I ask for your special work to be done in Kathleen’s replacement as in mine. Please reveal each girl clearly and work in their hearts even now.



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