Better Every Day

I’ve been gone for a while. I’m not apologizing because there’d be too much of that to do. However, I want to give testimony to God’s healing hand! Some may recall me sharing some health struggles last year. The Candidiasis has lasted for far longer than anyone ever anticipated. The normal recovery time when someone follows the diet strictly is six weeks. I’ve been going back and forth with the diet for well over a year! To me, there was no end in sight and I would grow more discouraged as time went on.

During this time though, I learned to keep going. I would keep being a “people person” even when I felt like my stomach was a ball of molten lead, my back hurt, and I couldn’t think straight. I would keep giving devos even when my body was closing up shop for the night. I would wake up to take care of that girl sick in the bathroom without being sick myself! This is evidence of God’s mercy and I’m so privileged. I came to a contented knowledge that if I never got better, I’d be okay. And I look forward to Christ’s return so much more now!

But by God’s grace, one day shortly after Spring Break, I woke up energized. Wait…something must be wrong. NO! I felt…better! Throughout the next week, I grew increasingly stronger. My energy began to return, and I felt like myself again! I didn’t feel so irritable all the time. My stomach shrunk back to its normal state. I even cared about exercise again! Since then, I’ve been running regularly and increasing my time and distance each week. I’ve been faithful to the sugar-free diet because I know it honors the Lord, not because it makes me feel better.

I stand as a testimony of God’s grace. I can say with confidence that God is good all the time. I can say with confidence that no matter what, I live in light of God’s steadfast love. It’s unmovable, unshakable, anchored deep and overflowing to me.

And better every day.


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  1. Kelly
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 09:37:53


    That is so encouraging to here. I love hearing testimonies of how God’s hand moves in people’s lives. I too have had such bad health problems and God has been right there by my side all the way. Thanks for sharing.



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