photo by Kristi Love Troutman

I just began meeting individually with my room leaders for the month and need to say that I am privileged to minister with them! It is amazing to see how God truly builds “precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little.” (Isaiah 28:13) As I asked some of them what the biggest lesson God has been teaching them this year, I grew excited to hear some lessons I’d learned throughout the years here! The memory of God’s clear work during those crucibles filled my heart with a song and reminded me that God is changing me!

That reminder also haunted me with a question: am I still living like God taught me something through those lessons? If I were to publicly identify with them, would others be surprised? Am I truly living evidence of God’s authority in my life? Am I living that vulnerable transparency that magnifies Christ’s strength in my weakness?

It also reminded me of two things:

1. I am sinful. There is only hope for sinners. Not hope for someone in adverse circumstances, not hope for the addict, hope for the sinner.

2. God doesn’t always use the dark times to break me. Some of my most humbling lessons have come when, in God’s steadfast love, He has given me good things, kind things, even just something I wanted, but didn’t need! I was humbled by that kindness. It woke me up early in the morning-I simply couldn’t sleep until I wrapped my mind around why God was choosing to give me something so sweet!

I am so privileged to minister to and with the body of Christ. It is a beautiful thing.


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